Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop at Boston Conservatory: Call for Singers!


Boston Conservatory Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop July 14-17th.

This year the Boston Conservatory will hold the 6th annual Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop with over 140 participants to from all over the world to date. The workshop is an intensive of Anatomy and Physiology, Voice Diagnosis, Vocal Health, Classical and Musical Theater Voice Pedagogies, Breathing for Singing, and Repertoire. This year we would like to have the NATS-Boston submit their high school level singers (ages 14-18) in both Classical and Musical Theater genres to participate in a Masterclass with Rebecca Folsom and Kevin Wilson on Saturday, July 16th at 8pm in Seully Hall. Students who are interested must submit a video of 1 song in the genre of their choice to KWilson@BostonConservatory.edu by May 1st, 2016. 2 students will be selected for musical theater and 2 students for classical voice with 1 potential alternate. Teachers of the students selected will received a $150 discount to attend the Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop. Additionally we would like to extend a welcome to any NATS-Boston members and their students who would like to attend the Masterclass with a 10% discount on the workshop.

Another discount for the Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop ($150.00)  is also available for NATS-Boston voice teachers who have students attending the Vocal Choral Institute, and the Summer Dance Intensive. Please have those teachers contact KWilson@BostonConservatory.edu

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National Student Auditions – New England Regional finalists will now move on to the National Round.

 Congratulations to all students who competed in the National Student Auditions.  Here are the top five finalists from the New England Region for each division.  They will now move on to the National Round.    (Student name followed by teacher name)

Division I:  High School Musical Theater Women:

  • Caitlyn Burns –  Noel Smith, MA
  • Grace Kontak –  Hannah Murray, NH
  • Zoe Stewart –  Eva Kendrick, MA
  • Zan Berube –  Noel Smith, MA
  • Jessica Ayer –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division II:  High School Musical Theater Men:

  • Tyler Shore – Hannah Murray, NH
  • Frank Sullivan – Noel Smith, MA
  • Cole Foster –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division III:  High School Classical Women:

  • Yohji Daquio-Braude –  Sandra Chabot, RI
  • Sydney Penny –  Teresa Winner-Blume, MA
  • Julia Marcus –  Julie Krugman, MA
  • Rachel Garrepy –  Roberta Janelle Bishop, RI
  • Elizabeth Kimball –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division IV:  High School Classical Men:

  • Christopher LaMountain –  Julie Krugman, MA
  • Benedict Hensley –  Julie Krugman, MA
  • Gabriel Garcia –  Joanne Scattergood-Reeves, CT

Division V: Lower College Musical Theater Women:

  • Alycia Patterson  Julie Krugman, MA
  • J Karpino –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division VI: Lower College Musical Theater Men:

  • Ethan Kraus –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division VII:  Lower College Classical Women:

  • Sophia Cannavo –  Laura Mashburn, CT 
  • Nicole Salamon –  Dr. Richard Weidlich, CT
  • Samantha Feliciano –  Laura Mashburn, CT
  • Leanna O’Brien –  Laura Mashburn, CT
  • Natalie Andrews  Dr. Margaret Astrup, CT

Division VIII:  Lower College Classical Men:

  • Sergio Mandujano –  Roy Mazzacane, CT
  • Daniel Satter –  Dr. Richard Weidlich, CT
  • Samuel Asuque –  Mary Brown-Bonacci, MA

Division VIIII:  Upper College Musical Theater Women:

  • Jessica Luhman –  Eva Kendrick, MA

Division X:  Upper College Musical Theater Men:

  • Sean Kaiser –  Eva Kendrick, MA
  • Matthew Johnson –  Roy Mazzacane, CT

Division XI:  Upper College Classical Women:

  • Arianna Carlo –  Dr. Margaret Astrup, CT 
  • Louise Carrozza –  Constance Chase, CT
  • Patrice Metcalf –  Mary Brown-Bonacci, MA
  • Gillian Tedeschi –  Dr. Richard Weidlich, CT
  • Katherine Marsh  Dr. Margaret Astrup, CT

Division XIII:  Advanced Classical Women:

  • Karolina Wojteczko –  Dr. Margaret Astrup, CT

Division XIIII:  Advanced Classical Men:

  • Steve Valenzuela –  Dr. Margaret Astrup, CT

Upcoming Events!

Greetings NATS Boston members!  We have some very exciting events coming your way this season – please mark your calendars!

Teen Spring Fling Event!  Sunday, April 3rd from 3 – 5pm


Location:  MJ’s Music School, 885 Main Street, Waltham, MA
For Directions :  www.mjsmusicschool.com
3 events in one afternoon!  This event is geared toward the private studio teacher, working with teenage students!

Part 1:  Talk and master class with Noel Smith and Dr. Chandler Thompson. 

(3-4pm)  How do you keep your over achieving high school singer’s voice healthy?  In one day, the student sings in the choir, an A Cappella group, the School musical, and a coffee house at night featuring the latest pop hits!  Presented by a vocal teacher who specializes in working with 13-22 year old students and a clinical vocologist/voice therapist, who works with singers and actors as patients.  This workshop will walk you through the ins and outs of training the young voice while also addressing the more technical side of vocal rehab and how to spot medical vocal issues.
This interactive workshop will help participants identify and correct vocal challenges in young singers.  This workshop will also explain differences in medical jargon, so teachers will be better equipped to serve as “interpreters” across disciplines, and to set goals and restrictions when students have had medical vocal issues.
Noel and Chandler will work with 2-3 singers between the ages of 14-19 to apply the collaborative strategies introduced in the talk.
Call for singers:  Looking for singers for this master class!  Please send a video (iPhone video is fine) of a singer you would like Noel and Chandler to work with.  Looking for singers who may be over achievers!  Please send the video links to nsmith@walnuthillarts.org

Part 2:  Panel Discussion:

(4-5pm) Running a successful private voice studio.  A moderated discussion among the panelists and a Q&A for members.  Discussions will include policies, pricing, tax information, among many other topics!

Part 3:  Music Share:

(5-5:30) this afternoon will conclude with a “music share” for all attendees to discuss their favorite music for the young singer!  Bring 2 or 3 of your favorite books for the young singer for other teachers to look through!

Please RSVP to programsnatsbos@gmail.com

Did we mention that this event is FREE for the members of Boston NATS and their students!!!  Simply let us know you are coming – programsnatsbos@gmail.com.  $10.00 at the door for non-members.

Congratulations to our NSA NATS-Boston Winners!

Junior Musical Theater Division:
1st Place: Lily Ramras – student of Eva Kendrick
2nd Place: Gabrielle Guimaraes – student of Julie Krugman
3rd Place: Zoe Ritchie – student of Linda Balliro

High School Musical Theater 1A Division:
1st Place: Julia Carson – student of Barbara Wilson Arboleda
2nd Place: Chloe Goodman – student of Barbara Wilson Arboleda
3rd Place: Andrew Cekala – student of Dana Varga

High School Classical 1A Division:
1st Place: Sydney Penny – student of Teresa Winner Blume
2nd Place: Ashley Kamal – student of Molly Jo Rivelli

High School Contemporary Commercial Music Division:
1st Place: Julia Marcus – student of Julie Krugman
2nd Place: Thalia Cook-Hansen – student of Beth Canterbury
3rd Place: Abigail McDonough – student of Mariko Matsumura
High School Musical Theater 1B Division:
1st Place: Caitlyn Burns – student of Noel Smith
2nd Place: Alexandra Berbue – student of Noel Smith
3rd Place: Neva Ventullo – student of Kim Lamoureux
High School Classical 1B Division:

1st Place: Hannah Klein – student of Angela Gooch
2nd Place: Sara Hargrave – student of Teresa Winner Blume
3rd Place: Theodore Edgar – student of Matthew Anderson
Recreational Musical Theater Division:

1st Place Tie: Molly Brierly – student of Noel Smith
1st Place Tie: Meaghan Bruneault – student of Amy Del Santo
College Contemporary Commercial Music Division:

1st Place: Kimberlea Kristy – student of Linda Balliro
College Musical Theater Division:

1st Place: Craig Simonetti – student of William Hite
2nd Place: Alexander Gardner – student of Julie Krugman
3rd Place: Corinne Apostolides – student of Amy Del Santo
College Classical Division:
1st Place: Matthew O’Donnell – student of Michael Meraw
2nd Place: Meghan Jolliffe – student of Michael Meraw
3rd Place: Karen Notovitz – student of Michael Meraw



How can voice teachers identify and correct the subtle, indirect patterns that keep students from singing their very best? How does the neuro-musculo-skeletal system support singers, and how can it cause problems? Can singers be quickly trained to use their bodies more efficiently?
Boston NATS and Rhode Island NATS invite you to an afternoon bodywork session with Marina Gilman, author of Body And Voice: A Somatic Re-Education.”Gilman is an SLP with specialization in the singing voice, who is now part of the interdisciplinary team at the Emory Voice Center in
“Body And Voice: A Somatic Re-Education” will be held Saturday, October 24, 1-3:30pm at the Academy Players Q2Q Theater, 202B King Philip Street Building 2, in Providence, RI.
This workshop is perfect for voice teachers, singers, actors, and SLPs. Gilman will lead participants in exercises and explorations to help increase kinesthetic and body awareness. Wear comfortable clothing!
Cost is $20 to current NATS members and $25 for non-NATS members.
For more information, visit www.rinats.org or www.nats-boston.org.
Gilman Poster

Kenneth Bozeman’s October 3rd-4th Residency at the New England Conservatory and Longy (Submit your Student for the Masterclass)

We are pleased to announce that Kenneth Bozeman’s upcoming residency at Longy and NEC will feature two free masterclass spots (the 5:30-7:30 session on Sunday, October the 4th) for students of NATS Boston members.

Please have your intermediate to advanced classical style student submit an application to participate. Deadline for submission is Friday, September 25th.


Kenneth Bozeman Practical Vocal Acoustics Lecture and Voice Masterclass Boston Residency


Date: Saturday, October the 3rd
Time: 4-6pm Open Voice Lessons with Q & A: Acoustic Pedagogy Applied to the Male Passaggio
Location: Longy School of Music

Date: Sunday, October the 4th
Time: 2:30-4:30pm Lecture; 5:30-7:30pm Masterclass
Location: Pierce Hall, New England Conservatory (241 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115)


Saturday, October the 3rd, 4-6pm, Longy School of Music

Acoustic Pedagogy Applied to the Male Passaggio: Two lessons emphasizing the application of acoustic pedagogy to training the male range as explained in Kenneth Bozeman’s book, Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers, followed by a question and answer session with the author/teacher.
(For a more complete exposition on acoustic pedagogy, see the first session on Sunday)

Sunday, October the 4th, New England Conservatory of Music, Pierce Hall (241 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115)

Lecture Session 2:30-4:30pm
An Overview of the Vocal Acoustics Landscape: A summary look at the acoustic challenges all singers face across range, with effective strategies for negotiating those circumstances.

Topics will include:
• How circumstances vary by vowel and voice type;
• How and why they must be handled differently by vowel and by voice type;
• Male passaggio training; Female range negotiation
• The basic acoustics of belting

Masterclass Session 5:30-7:30pm
A Masterclass in Acoustic Pedagogy demonstrating its principles for Western classical training featuring NEC and NATS area voice students.

This residency is made possible by a collaboration between the New England Conservatory Voice and Vocal Pedagogy Program, the Longy School of Music, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing’s Boston Chapter.

About Kenneth Bozeman
Kenneth Bozeman, Professor of Music, tenor, holds performance degrees from Baylor University and the University of Arizona, and subsequently studied at the State Conservatory of Music in Munich on a Rotary fellowship. He is chair of the voice department at Lawrence University, where he has received two awards for excellence in teaching. He was awarded the Van Lawrence Fellowship by the Voice Foundation in 1994 for his interest in voice science and pedagogy and is the chair of the editorial board of the NATS Journal of Singing. His former students have sung with Houston Grand, Boston Lyric, Opera Colorado, Washington, Wolf Trap, Seattle, Deutsche Oper Berlin, San Francisco, New York City Opera, the Metropolitan, and Santa Fe Opera.

Voice teachers have been addressing vocal acoustics in some manner for as long as there has been voice instruction. Given the history of excellence in singing, singers, and teachers, the historic empirical approach clearly has had success. However, our scientific knowledge about and understanding of vocal acoustics has grown exponentially in the last sixty to eighty years, and will certainly continue to be refined by the growing number of ongoing collaborations between voice scientists and voice teachers interested in voice science. With sophisticated yet inexpensive sound analysis technology now widely available, more voice teachers are curious about its potential value for the studio, and are seeing the need to understand and be well-informed about the acoustics of vocal registration at the very least, as a means to more efficient pedagogy, but also as an essential element of voice pedagogy courses.

This book represents an attempt to distill from the science of vocal acoustics those factors that are essential for teachers at the beginning of the twenty-first century to understand, that are most likely to be productive for improving our pedagogic efficiency, and to present them in language that is generally accessible. It also aspires to contribute to more productive, mutually respectful and beneficial conversation between the pedagogic and scientific communities.

Mr. Bozeman’ Website

Kenneth Bozeman Boston Workshops October 3rd and 4th

bozeman professional pic 06.jpg.opt374x571o0,0s374x571MARK YOUR CALENDARS! October 3rd and 4th, internationally published voice science author and voice clinician Kenneth Bozeman will be coming to Boston for a workshop and masterclass based on his book, “Practical Vocal Acoustics.” He is especially gifted at explaining the often complex subject of formants, formant tuning, and acoustic registration events in the singing voice. This workshop and masterclass will be free of charge and marks a new collaboration between the New England Conservatory, Longy School of Music, and NATS Boston. Learn more about Bozeman’s work here. Details, including how to submit your student for the masterclass, to follow.

Announcing PAVA and the 2015 PAVA Symposium (October 9-11)

Dear NATS Boston Members,

We are happy to pass along information about PAVA (the Pan American Vocology Association) and their upcoming symposium—October 9-11 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Key speakers include Lynn Helding, Ingo Titze, Mara Behlau from Brazil, and, as a special treat, Renee Fleming will make an appearance and have an interview/conversation with Ingo Titze. Allen Henderson (NATS Executive Director, Georgia Southern University) and Ian Howell (Boston NATS Board Secretary, New England Conservatory of Music) will also present.

What is The Pan-American Vocology Association, and what is Vocology?

In its broadest sense, vocology is the study of vocalization. This can include every aspect of human and animal sound-making in airways within the body. An expanded definition of vocology is, “The science and practice of voice habilitation.” The emphasis in this definition is on habilitation rather than rehabilitation.Habilitation is the process of enabling, equipping for, or capacitating. Habilitation means more than just repairing a voice; the concept of habilitation promotes an overarching, objective view of the voice as an essentially functional system that operates in a myriad of genres, styles and speech gestures. This concept allows the full range of vocal expression to be considered.

How is PAVA different from other voice associations?

     •  We are a membership driven group of voice professionals from all voice related vocations including Vocologists, SLPs, ENTs, Professional Singers, Voice Teachers, Voice for the Actor Coaches and Voice Therapists.

     •  PAVA is an association, not a foundation, with elected officers whose terms rotate every two years, according to a set of Bylaws.

     •  PAVA aspires to develop vocology as a formalized profession with clearly defined roles and standards for training, by establishing a codified set of standards, scope of practice, and eventually, certification.

     •  The mission of the Pan-American Vocology Association is to advance the scientific study of voice for artistic and professional use by fostering vocology in all countries of the Western Hemisphere through research, dissemination of knowledge, training, and the creation and development of professional standards and credentials in voice habilitation and rehabilitation.

More information at pava-vocology.org.